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As we are an independent online flooring retailer offering free samples for our customers to view products before buying, we often get asked similar questions so we thought we would take the time to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Q. Why does my sample have a knot in it / Why doesn’t my sample have a knot?

A. All our sample packs are taken from stock then cut into generous sized pieces to send out to customers. Some of these may appear perfect where some may contain a filled knot, as you can see from the image with the long plank and 2 sample pieces both represent the beautiful unique plank however one is knot free and the other contains a knot. This is a true representation of the product.

A Sample of Engineered Wood Flooring, two cuts, one with a knot, one without
Two sample boards, one with a knot, one without.

Q. Why does my sample have a different pattern running through it?

A. As solid & engineered wood is cut from unique trees this will then offer unique characteristics and patterns. Like with anything we all have our unique taste so this is why we advise to order between 8-10% extra to allow for any products you don’t like the cosmetic appearance of. Check out the image with the two small planks of Natural lacquered oak, both from the same pack and represent the above perfectly.

Sample solid wood flooring boards showing different grain patterns in the wood
Each board has a unique grain, something that is a charming characteristic of a solid or engineered wood floor.

Q. Why is my sample lighter or darker than I thought?

A. Like with the above the planks will hold there own natural characteristics which will effect the colour of each board causing some to appear lighter or darker either with natural oaks or ones that have had a stain applied. Check out the image with the white planks and the sample in the centre, you can see various shades however once laid this will form a beautiful non uniformed floor.

It is also important to remember with Distressed products not every piece of sample will hold these characteristics this is why we try and offer quality images, along with keeping stock in our office so we can offer additional images where requested, we can also offer several of the same samples to represent different features.

Variance within the colouring is again another charming feature. Natural colour variance will occur from board to board.
Variance in grain: Variance in colour. Again, another charming characteristic of a solid or engineered wood floor.

We hope this information helps, look out for more being added!