Engineered Wood Flooring

Factory Discount Flooring Depot are delighted to stock and sell a high calibre range of Engineered Wood flooring systems, made from 100% natural wood sustainably sourced from across the world.

Engineered Wood is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK and this is because it is seen as a modern alternative to a traditional hard-wood floor. The core of an engineered wood floor is made up of multiple layers of plywood or compressed timber with a top layer of solid wood veneer.

Engineered Wood flooring has the look and feel of a solid wood flooring as well as the benefit of being compatible with underfloor heating, which is becoming more and more popular within UK homes. FDFD specialise in engineered wood flooring with multi layer structure. This is the best option for underfloor heating systems.

Caring for an Engineered Wood floor couldn’t be easier, it should be swept regularly and cleaned using a microfibre cloth and a PH neutral wood floor cleaner. Most engineered wood floors can be sanded and refinished a couple of times throughout their lifetime, usually lasting more than 20 years in a home setting, depending on the structure that you choose.

Offering great value for money, Engineered Wood flooring is the perfect solution for a home setting, where there is a potential for high wear and footfall. Our thicker boards provide a more stable flooring when laid and in turn this gives a thicker top layer of hard wood veneer, which lasts more than 25 years.

We have a large range of Engineered Wood floors available, from a chic oiled vintage effect flooring, to the more modern white washed boards, or even the more rustic antique distressed effects that are very popular at the moment.

Browse our range of Engineered Wood floors below: