Solid Wood Flooring

Factory Discount Flooring Depot brings you a superb quality range of solid wood flooring, made from 100% natural wood sourced sustainably from across Europe and Asia. Each board is made from a single piece of wood that has been cut prepared and finished by our expert team.

Depending on the species, solid wood flooring is exceptionally durable and hard wearing. A well cared-for solid wood floor can last up-to a decade before you will need to re-sand and re-finishing it, it also ages gracefully and the occasional dent or mark in the wood adds character – a completely acceptable feature in a product that will age with your property.

The life of a well-cared for and quality solid wooden floor is difficult to estimate, however you usually need to sand and re-finish a solid wood floor up-to every 20 years – and you can sand and re-finish a solid wood floor many times before you eventually need to replace it.

A solid wood floor is ideally suited for dining rooms, living rooms, offices, halls, landings and bedrooms. A solid wood floor is very easy to care for. It requires very little maintenance and should be regularly swept and cleaned using a micro-fibre cloth and PH neutral a wooden floor cleaner. Should you decide to perform some maintenance on the floor during its lifetime, you can sand down and re-finish the flooring at any time.

Suitable for a new ultra-modern town-house property in a cosmopolitan setting, or even giving a new lease of life for a country cottage, solid wood flooring gives you the perfect natural feel to your home. Our ranges have long-lasting finishes that are straight-forward to install. Have a look at our installation advice page for further help and support.

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