Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

Factory Discount Flooring Depot is pleased to sell a select range of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring, a wonderful alternative to Engineered Wood, Solid Wood or Laminate flooring systems that is completely 100% waterproof.

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, also known in the trade as LVT, usually comes with a 10-year warranty when laid in houses, apartments or other residential settings. The beauty of LVT is that it looks uncannily like true natural products and it is supplied in planks or varying size – depending on the flooring style that you choose.

Because Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is waterproof, it is the ideal solution for use in bathrooms and kitchens, or areas of the house that are going to attract high footfall. It is also an ideal solution for children’s play areas and family rooms.

An LVT flooring solution requires next to no maintenance and is easily kept clean with a vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket. There are no special cleaning materials required, quite simply Flash floor cleaner will do the job! Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the durable solution for a new and modern home setting, which is why they are so popular at the moment.

With options available in all major wood and stone type effects, LVT flooring really is a truly practical solution for any residential or commercial setting and will give these places a warm homely feel or a modern professional office look at the fraction of the cost of their rival Engineered Wood or Solid Wood flooring system solutions.

Browse our range of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring below: