SPC Flooring makes its debut at FDFD

SPC Flooring make its debut at Factory Discount Flooring Depot

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SPC is a new luxury vinyl flooring technology which fuses different layers of material to achieve a luxury vinyl plank.  The top layer consists of a UV barrier which protects and prevents discoloration from UV light. The UV layer is also stain resistant and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The next layer is made from micro ceramic beads, and it protects the vinyl, minimising wear and tear making SPC durable – perfect for busy houses and pet owners, and ensuring that your space looks stylish for years to come.  Next comes the colour! This is the luxurious vinyl top layer, and the design aspect of this technical flooring, replicating the look of both authentic wooden flooring and stone tiles.

Underneath your chosen design element is the SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) core. This layer adds stability and is created to withstand and prevent moisture. Most vinyl flooring products respond to changes in the ambient temperature with a certain amount of expansion and contraction, which can result in unsightly gaps and unstable flooring throughout hot summers and cold winters. The SPC core is an exception – withstanding large temperature fluctuations, resisting expansion and contraction, and providing a stable floor whatever the weather.

Lastly, the rubber padding provides maximum comfort underfoot. The rubber moulds to any sub-floor imperfections, removing the need for extra underlay! Allowing you to install SPC over any substrate and create a beautiful floor no matter the space. Just in case that isn’t enough, the rubber is also mould and mildew resistant, making it ideal for spaces where moisture may be of concern such as bathrooms, porches or laundry rooms.

With ease of installation, cleaning and maintenance, plus a variety of style options ranging from real wood to stone tile effect, you can definitely have fun creating the room of your dreams.